“Feeling the love” and other news…

I was pleasantly surprised today at some public shout outs.

The site Feedspot.com listed my humble portion of the internet as #29 of the top 100 hiking blogs. Up from #61 on Happy to Survive🙂 (Though the comment of  “The musings section is a fun read and is basically what many people think, but don’t get the chance to actually say or write.” will always be a favorite !)

But more than these two lists, I was really happy to see Andrew Skurka give a shout out to me on his website. Andrew is a friend, a colleague, a person whose skill set I respect and I admire how his hard work has led him to career as a professional outdoors person. A vote of confidence coming from a person I know well means more than the two lists above. Plus his comment of “Distinct curmudgeonly personality” is the best accolade I’ve had in a while. 😀

These two recent shout outs brought to relief how busy October has been for me. My day job has been esp. busy and there are some recent life changes that have taken quite a bit out of the time bank.  The PMags content, and what I do for the PMags content, has not been a focus. Some side projects I do have also lagged behind.

November is looking more calm.  And I hope things will stabilize a bit. Time to go outside on a regular basis again. And to pick up my writing.

Life throws curveballs. And sometimes we are the one who chooses to throw those curveballs. 🙂

But two recent mentions helps clarify what is important in my life. Anything I do in my life should complement and support my passions ultimately.

I have left the congested, and increasingly more expensive,  area where I was living. I am now a two-mile bike ride or walk from my day job. My time bank funds will be better spent.

And the view is rather nice…

Longs Peak viewed from the home office. I am actually closer to I70, I25, 285 and 470 now. Meaning I am closer to the places I am exploring more versus RMNP and IPW.

But I also now have the room to make a home office.  I am performing more remote work for my day job. And I have a space, with the above view, for writing about my passions.

These accolades came at just the right time.

October has been terribly busy and overwhelming at times.  November? Looking better.

I will again have the time to devote my writing.  And, more importantly, spend most of my weekends playing outside.

Drab beige walls soon to have some photos… 🙂

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Patrick Hill
7 years ago

Congratulations, curmudgeon!

7 years ago

I was pleased to see your blog in Andrew’s “Worthy Reading” list. Congrat!

7 years ago

I was recently called a Pig, it was a grand compliment because it was that I was getting greedy (piggy) with my outside play time. I love being an explorer, and adventurer, seeing new things . . . being inside makes me cranky especially when I need to take care of chores from being a little too piggy.