Work – Life Balance in the Lost Creek Wilderness

A trip with some friends from work in the Lost Creek Wilderness.

At work, I’m known as “that outdoor guy”.

The Kia is often covered in a fine patina of dirt or mud on a Monday morning.

The co-workers don’t ask if I have been out for the weekend, they just assume.

And more than few wonder how I found myself working in IT when it is the outdoors I obviously love (I ask myself that question often. 😉 )

Two months ago, a few of us put into motion an overnight backpacking trip.

Schedules were cleared, permission secured from their families and we headed to the early season favorite of the Lost Creek Wilderness for their first overnighter. (One has never been camping either!)

The chosen area was a perennial favorite for early season jaunts: the Lost Creek Wilderness.

We met at a local park and ride, distributed some extra gear and clothing I had and made our way to Bailey, CO and the trail head.

Up the trail we went. The initial park was in moderate and pleasant aspen forest.

We started to gain elevation.  The comments ranged from “This is beautiful” to “This is harder than I thought!” 🙂

As the terrain become a bit more difficult, Andrew and Henry expressed their joy in the hiking…ahem. 😉

At about the time everyone became tired, we reached Craig Meadows.

Relief was had that the camp site was reached. And with the view that was enjoyed.

After dinner, we enjoyed the view towards the meadow from just below our campsite.

A good meal, some rest and some warm clothing makes everything a bit better.

A campfire also seemed to be pleasing as well.

The following morning, we had a leisurely breakfast.

We climbed out of the meadow and had one last look at Craig Meadows.

A relatively easier hike was made back down to the car.

My friends from work stated it was very hard as they had never backpacked before, but it was rewarding.

For my own part, it was great to enjoy the company of people I am friendly with at work outside of work. Hear more about them, their lives and less about shop talk.

Over the past week, we continuously talked about the trip. The difficulty for them, how they are amazed that they did something like this and how awesome at what can be accomplished by merely walking one step at a time.

I think they caught a glimpse of why many people are passionate about the outdoors.

It is a gift I  was glad to share with them.



The Trip: We went to Craig Meadows and back for about 13-14 miles R/T and perhaps 4000′ gain total.

Other Details: Other details can be found from a similar trip here (map, route, parking info, etc.)

Post Trip Grub: Brooks Place in Conifer (King Sooper’s Plaza) was a pretty good place in a strip mall. Good pub grub and a good beer selection. Neighborhood -type sports bar. The locals seem to like it, too. Nice, friendly and relaxing place to end for post-backpacking trip fun.






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