Website of the Week – TrailGroove Magazine Premium

I’ve written about TrailGroove Magazine in the past, compared it favorably to the old Backpacker Magazine, and (as disclosure), wrote for the magazine every-so-often.

The same thoughts I’ve always had about TrailGroove still apply –  Excellent photography, in-depth articles, and unbiased gear reviews.

In TrailGroove’s words:

In 2012 we started TrailGroove Magazine to provide a unique online media experience for the backpacking and hiking community. Our goal is to go back to the basics as an outdoor publication and focus on real outdoor content, tailored to you the reader, that relays the actual hiking and backpacking experience that we all seek on (or for some of us, off) the trail. 

And TrailGroove consistently adheres to their outdoor mission by providing content for the person who enjoys the outdoor itself and not just as a vehicle for collecting gear.

But unknown to most, and myself included until recently, are the benefits of subscribing to TrailGroove Magazine Premium.

And with the newest issue just released, I think it is a good time to mention the premium membership.

So why pay $20 to subscribe to TrailGroove Premium?  (EDIT: $24.95 as of 2021)

The webpage linked above lists some primary reasons. But here are my favorite reasons for my personal use:

  • PDF issues available for downloading 

TrailGroove is often well over 100 pages. Reading it online in one fell swoop typically means a lot of time online. I’ve downloaded the PDFs to read on my phone or tablet when traveling or where online access is otherwise limited.


  • Gaia GPS

The favorite navigation app of many experienced outdoor users becomes quite the bargain with a $20 TrailGroove subscription!  For $20 not only do you get a premium subscription to TrailGroove, but you also receive a free one year Gaia GPS Premium subscription. So, for $20 you can get this $40 subscription for a year. For that reason alone, TrailGroove Magazine Premium is well worth price. And then some.


  • Supporting quality outdoor journalism

With so many clickbait websites, magazines (be it online or print) that “review” gear from advertisers favorably, or the YouTube gear reviewers with questionable experience TrailGroove’s policy of only reviewing equipment purchased with the reviewer’s funds (and not at a discount) is a refreshing one overall.

Then there are the outdoor articles themselves. The articles are not listicles; they are an in-depth look at such topics as backpacking through Glacier National Park.  And the reviews for any outdoor media extends beyond the simplistic.

Your subscription helps keep TrailGroove going and continuing to provide a quality outdoor publication.


If you are interested in supporting some quality writing, photography, and compelling articles from an active outdoor person’s perspective, with the handy bonus of a premium Gaia GPS subscription, consider supporting TrailGroove with your premium subscription for only $24.95.

Disclosure: As mentioned, I’ve written articles for TrailGroove in the past. I purchased a membership for myself.  I have an ad for my book in the current issue of TrailGroove.

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