Website of the Week – TrailGroove Magazine

Another favorite website of mine: TrailGroove magazine.Real world gear reviews, great photos and fantastic writing.

Years ago, outdoor magazines were a bit different.

Rather than splasy ads for vehicles and nutrion bars, the ads were for more mundane items like sleeping bags and boots.

The articles were multipage and in depth. Bullet points and USA Today type infographics were sparse.

The photos were astonishing. And the magazine fueled backcountry enthusiasts imagination and passion.

Today? Outdoor magazines must compete in a different climate. The people who write and work for these magazines are passionate…but the demographics for outdoor magazines have changed.

A touch more affluent. Interested more in “done in a day activities”. And definitrely inclined to know where the next happy hour may be located (hmm..that could be me, too. 😉 )

So where does a person go who wants in-depth, well written articles about the outdoors? Where the writing is often about the outdoor life style as opposed to the latest widget? And when there are gear reviews, the  items are what the reviewers bought and broke-in with many hours of hard earned trail miles?

The answer is TrailGroove.  

An online magazine where the writing is indepth. The photos are fantastic. And where the passions are fueled for the next outdoor journey.

The magazine was not calculated to fit a market niche.

It is a magazine for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts.

Where people explore the next turn of the canyon wall and see what is beyond th next peak.

Where the people will leave the energy drink promos to others. 🙂

Give TrailGroove a read. I think you’ll like it.

EDIT: At the time I wrote this article, I was not affiliated in anyway with the magazine. I did not become a regular contributor until a year or so later. 

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