Urban wildness: A peaceful setting found

When I was married, and in living in Boulder, there was a bird sanctuary I used to go to on a fairly regular basis.

It was quiet, had good views towards the mountains and some fantastic birding opportunities.

Eastern Kingbird

And when I was on an electronic leash for my on-call rotations, a strong cell signal was present. I could be at home on my laptop within ten minutes.

It was not wilderness, but this serene, quiet and beautiful place had the feel of wildness.

I’d see fewer people at these ponds than I would at the Indians Peaks Wilderness area I’d  be looking towards in the distance.

It is a place I find myself missing now that I am further away.

A place where I could get to quickly, relax and find it rewarding.

This past weekend, I had intended to go skiing Saturday. My friend was not able to make it.

Not wanting to drive and face traffic, I opted to simply walk to a nearby area I’ve meant to see.

A place noted for its bald eagle habitat, that connects to other open space systems and trails, and has excellent views from the plains to the mountains.

It was quiet and peaceful on this Saturday.

No bald eagles were seen. But the rangers assured me they were there.

This local area offers camping from May thru September.  A six mile “urban backpacking” loop could easily be done mid-week between this park, my home, and the office.  I am picturing sunset and sunrise photos. And a chance to see more local wildlife.

American Kestrel

A little bit of wilderness again nearby and easily fitting into my daily life.

A multi-day trip somewhere in the back of beyond is always welcomed.

But these quite, close-by moments are just as welcomed. And needed.

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7 years ago

Wonderful bird pics. Thank you! We have a lot of these gems in the Portland (OR) metro area, and I don’t visit them enough. Some are closed except to hunters during waterfowl hunting season (hunting only those species that are overpopulated), but that will end in another week!

7 years ago

Just an FYI regarding this park: There is a trail from this park that will take the hiker to the CT Segment 1, Waterton Canyon parking lot, then onto the TH w/interesting experiences along the way.