Simply Walking

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. -Steven Wright

As part of a change in my life, I have moved to a new place.

I’ve been leaning towards leaving Boulder in any case.

It has become even more expensive, congested and I was not really using the hikes in and near town.

A conscious decision was made to find a place near where I am currently employed.

And one was found.

A place that is quiet, has a great view and allows me to walk almost everywhere for my weekly needs.

The daily commute is now ~2 mile each way according to Google maps. The grocery store, drug store and hardware store are within a mile radius of my home.

I walk.

I simply walk out the door and down the stairs.

Walking commutes are bliss…

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Other than making sure I have a sturdy pair of shoes, no special clothing or gear is needed.

A brisk pace is walked. I am getting my daily exercise. But more importantly, the thoughts flow and the stress is relieved.

My daily commute is now a 30 minute walk each way. #colorado

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People smile when the daily commute is discussed and often express a small bit of gentle  envy:

How wonderful it is to just walk out the door and go to work! No traffic. No congestion. No scraping of the windows on a snowy and cold day. 

Snow and blue skies. No scraping of the car window needed.:)

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There is something about walking that is egalitarian. Any healthy adult may do it. Walking is something most people enjoy.

Walking does not have the spandex stereotype associated with biking (if a wrong stereotype in many cases) and does not require any special effort to actually do. No gym membership needed. Or going to a special building to get exercise.  There is no trendy name for this exercise program with a set series of acts to perform.

It is simply walking.

No fancy clothing needed.

Take a fleece, a rain jacket and sturdy pair of shoes. Maybe a warm hat and gloves.

It is simple.

And enjoyable.

In a couple of months the thru-hiker dreamers will come out in droves and announce their plans on the forums.

Their meticulously crafted spreadsheets will be posted listing the gear to the ounce. Questions will be asked about what is the best underwear to be worn for hiking. And the pros and cons will be discussed for one 3 oz canister stove versus another 3 oz canister stove that truly aren’t that different.


The walking done in preparation.

Simply walking.

Is the actual act of walking enjoyed?

It is hard to complete a long walk if walking is not actually considered enjoyable.

So get out there. Walk. Enjoy.

Walking is bliss.

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7 years ago

I can really relate to your commuting happiness. I am able to walk to work and even home for lunch everyday. My commute is less than half a mile and sometimes on the perfect morning, it becomes just a bit longer.

7 years ago

Oh how I can relate to that. After 6 years in London, UK, we have moved to portland , or, and Americans love driving! For 6 years I walked everywhere (my commute was 3.5 moles) and when I moved I’ve been told that I need a car for everything. You actually don’t. A mix of walking (I’m walking 2 kids to a day care 1.8 miles away each day) with a bicycle for shopping and you are done. Yes, walking, normal everyday boring walking is liberating. No more calculating time for traffic, just how brisk your pace will be. Enjoy… Read more »

Tim Nicholls
Tim Nicholls
7 years ago

As the Against me song title says “Walking Is still Honest” !!

Nice piece mate, good reminder.