Tip Toe Through The Pasque Flowers

someone and I did a short hike on the Beaver Meadows loop in Rocky Mountain National Park.  A short, but enjoyable hike on a Sunday afternoon. Widflowers and wildlife abounded. And only two people were spotted!


The recent fires in New Mexico and Arizona caused the horizon to be smoky and the air to have a whiff of smoke.



But the abundant early season of wildflowers of larkspur, golden banner and pasque flower were amazing to say the least!

Pasque Flower


Pasque Flowers - budding, bloomin and in bloom


Along the way, we saw a herd of elk:


As we came closer to the trail head, we saw exclosures protecting the riparian habitat from the (too!) numerous elk herd in the park.



All in all, a nice little relaxing hike. 🙂



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