The Trail Show #11 – The Hayduke Trail

The Trail Show #11 is live. The Hayduke Trail is our  featured trail of the month.

Today we bring you Episode #11 – Our Hayduke Trail Show! On this month’s episode we discuss the results of our Trail Show logo contest, Disco´s recent hike on the Hayduke Trail, the Embrace the Brutality controversy, the CDTC fundraiser & filming of two TTS podcasters, Scott “Squatch” Herriott’s “Tales from the Trail” (post-colonoscopy), our EPIC FAILS and Mags’ review of two short films.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month, Ask-A-Hiker with D-low, Noodlehead’s Top 10, Trail O’ Da Month (Hayduke Trail), Ask-A-SheHiker with P.O.D., Disco’s Trail Tip O’ Da Month & Trail News with Mags. Thanks again for tuning in and for spreading the word about The Trail Show!!

Our new Trail Show logo is now featured on all the Trail Show schwag at Cafe Press! Get yer gear right now: (




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