The Joy of the short stroll

Enjoy the outdoor time any chance you get. Even if it just a short stroll.


The place where I work is what I not-so-affectionately call The Salt Mines.

It pays the  bills. It does not really fuel the passions. And it is a transition place on my way to a larger goal.

If there is one advantage to where I work, it is that it borders some local open space.

The trail system is about five miles total. I do not use it too often as it is wide and flat for the most part. Better suited for running or bike riding.

But every so often, I skip my company gym work out and take a simple stroll in the open space.

Usually it coincides with the need to clear my head, think of what to do next and to simply get out of the work environment.

On a recent stroll in this early spring, there was an amazing amount of nature packed into a suburban open space.

The recent moisture really did bring May flowers. An abundance of color in the green grass of the high plains just before it transitions into the foothills.


Sand lilies – my second favorite spring wildflower

With the overcast day, the Boulder foothills ten miles distant seemed more prominent.


As I continued the stroll, a western meadowlark was spotted.  The bird called its song back to another meadow lark in the field and was answered in kind.

I only had my iPhone and could not get in close enough without scaring away the bird. This YouTube video is a representation of what I saw though.

The bird with its distinctive yellow belly was another splash of color in the spring foothills area.

I reluctantly headed back to the company building.

But perhaps feeling a little better and more at peace.

Nature is a healing.  And even an hour spent there was a soothing balm.

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Gene Curp
Gene Curp
10 years ago

I am not a birder, but that meadowlark is wonderful. Glad you had your smartphone. Thanks