The beige box beckons

Seeing my friends this past week made me realize how much I miss my community.

I’ve enjoyed my life of vagabonding since September.

But the sense of community is very much intertwined in my being.

I grew up in a large family where our roots run deep.

And no surprise that I’ve formed a similar and deep community in Colorado.

Though it has been fun and rewarding to see the mountains, explore the canyons, and backpack along the ancient paths, it is time to go back to work.

Time to be a productive member of society. Spending hours looking at a screen and maintaining software widgets for a corporation will be the adult thing to do. And allow me to immerse back in a community.

I’ve lost weight, I am stress-free, and I am enjoying life.

But to give my life meaning, I need to go back to work. I may gain weight again, be stressed out, and lose my weekend and nights again at the last minute.

But it is what I need to do.

I have my Contigo coffee mug ready to go. And I am more than willing to drink bad office coffee again.

The beige box beckons.  And I must go.



10 Replies to “The beige box beckons”

  1. reporting from the beige box, I can say this is a really bad idea.
    but I’m addicted to money, to feed the family.. beige box it is, then..

  2. I suspect the $$ are running low? It happens! Hopefully you can find a spot that involves less unpaid overtime?!

    I have been retired for 18 years now and have never had even a minute of nostalgia for what for me was a gray box! Admittedly, I have other sources of income, (Social Security and a couple of tiny pensions), although very meager.

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