The Annual Top Ten Tchotchke Guide

It is the time of the year when people push out their Top 10 Gift Guide. But, let’s face it; most of these gift guides are for yourself. How many family members and friends read these top 10 tchotchke articles flooding Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Or watch a YouTube video from InfluencerHikerRad all the way through on a subject that they have no interest in at all just to buy more stuff?

Here’s a list for the non-outdoors person in their life who wants to buy some outdoor goodies for their friend or family member:

An interagency “America the Beautiful”pass.
Assuming things get better in summer 2021, this pass works for NPS, many BLM, USFS, historic parks, wildlife refuges, etc., etc., etc. If someone bought it for me, I’d be delighted.

A gift card at their local outfitter.
Help a small business while realizing that you’ll never pick out the right gift. Even the most diehard outdoors person needs new shoes, socks, underwear, perhaps some area-specific guidebooks or maps,  etc. Customer service excels at these places. I’m sure if you contact them directly, they’ll mail out the gift card for you or arrange it for your friend/family member to pick it up locally.

Do you know their favorite post-hike watering hole?
Like the above, the outdoors person in your life will appreciate a gift card at their favorite brewery.. Or if they are visiting a place for the first time, surprise them with a gift card at a local restaurant you heard is good.

A donation in their name to a local outdoor group.
Not everyone needs or wants more “stuff.” No matter where your friend or family member lives, they recreate somewhere locally if only to test out gear or stretch the legs midweek. The local open space or park often has a “Friends” group that volunteers to maintain it. And will appreciate the funds more than some tchotchkes your friends/family members do not need.

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