Springtime Snow

My plans for a Grand Junction area backpacking trip were kiboshed by a typical spring snowstorm.

The highways were shut down Friday. evening. And even locally was a sloppy mess most of the weekend.

I did not want to drive in the mess.

Instead I enjoyed “hiking” the local bike paths that starts almost from my door.

I walked for quite a few hours on both days, I stopped for photos, ran (walked) some errands and I even stopped in for a happy hour pint.

Wilderness? No.

A pleasant walk? Yes.

The mixture of heavy, wet snow and spring flowers was fantastic.

And the bike paths run by creeks full of spring snow. Snow  that was melting almost as soon as it fell to the ground.

I am ready for some backpacking without skis.

But a nice weekend to bridge the two seasons. And without having to get into a car once.

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