Signs of the outdoors – Part 2

The second part of amusing signs I’ve seen over the years of my outdoor and related travels in nearby towns.  Read part one here…


  • Not sure if it is THE WORST, but it is certainly up there. Being so close to major metro areas no doubt, makes this area infamous for the weather. See Not Without Peril for the classic book about this area.

  • Where’s the trail?

  • I rarely (ever?) take state crossing signs, but I thought this Texas border sign pretty cool.

  • I love northern New Mexico and Taos in particular. Even the alleyways celebrate the art and culture of this community.

  • While on a ski tour, I saw this sign on a snowy forest service road that became popular with off-roaders in recent years. Many who became stuck. As we’d say where I grew up? Wicked smaht!

  • An artistically done, don’t-get-off-the-trail-sign.

  • Oh, the scourge of ATVs, mountain bikes, and jeep going into our designated wilderness areas. Oh, and strollers, too!

  • No drones, please.

  • The mountains still don’t care!!!  You’ll find this sign twice at either end, by trail, of Flattop Mtn.

  • Where does a moose park? Wherever it wants!

  • Yes indeed. Unlawful AND awful.

  • Disco is not sure he wants to “Embrace the Brutality” of a sweat-soaked bandanna standing by two short guys.

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