Review – Wildland Coffee bags

Coffee is the beverage that fuels my life.

Back in the bad old days as a burnt-out office worker, it fueled my late nights to some distant trailhead in the back of beyond.

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I start my weekday mornings with Joan, and I wake up to what I half kiddingly call my coffee alarm clock  (pot brewed by 6:30 AM) and fuel my mornings.  Add in my natural inclination to talk loudly, animatedly with hands, and quickly. The caffeine already adds to the ancestral stereotypes that became transplanted to America and thrived generations later.

I take a variety of coffee for camping and backpacking and keep it utilitarian.

.If I want a bit more gourmet coffee of sorts, I do an easier form of “cowboy coffee” that’s essentially coffee bags.

And that brings us to Wildland Coffee bags.  When Zach of the company saw my cowboy coffee above, he wrote me and figured I’d be a suitable candidate to test out the coffee bags similar to my ersatz cowboy coffee but easier to use and brews quicker.

Just boil water, steep for five to ten minutes, and enjoy! As easy to use as a teabag, but with delicious coffee instead. No muss. No-fuss.

Zach wanted a good cuppa joe in the backcountry without a lot of futz factor.  And based on my sipping, I gotta say it’s pretty tasty. Did not have that instant coffee more reminiscent of older gas station coffee. I enjoyed sipping it, savoring the morning, almost as easy to use as instant.

You can read more about the product on the web page.

My favorite part of the FAQ, and I think encapsulates the coffee?

Does Wildland Coffee use instant coffee?

No, we have standards.


The coffee is very reasonable in price, too, IMO.

At $1.50 per coffee bag, the price compares favorably to the Starbucks Via, currently costing about $1.20 per pack at my local City Market when purchased in a six-pack. But the Wildlands Coffee tastes better.

Even better, if you have a coffee habit like mine, you can “subscribe and save” and regularly get shipments of 40 pack boxes for $48.60 and spend about the same price. But, again, for better coffee than the instant.

An affordable luxury, in other words.

Wildland Coffee currently offers medium roast only. No surprise to those who know me, but a dark roast is what my palate favors. 🙂  I’d be curious to try a dark roast option if it is offered in the future.

If there’s a downside to these coffee bags, it is similar to tea bags meaning you have to pack them out. A minor inconvenience, overall. Esp for someone like myself who does not drink coffee on thru-hikes when on the trail. For a weekend or so getaway and car camping for sure, I’d gladly pack these bags: Easy to use, quick, a tasty cuppa joe, and affordable.

Backcountry coffee does not have to suck or get complicated to brew for a tasty cuppa joe.  Wildland Coffee proves it.

Disclosure: Wildland Coffee provided the coffee for my review.

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2 years ago

Yo, Mags, heads up! Here’s how you can get your “dark roast option”. Hie yourself down to your local natural food store and score some unfilled tea bags; I use Tiesta Tea tea filters. They’re about 6″ long, plenty long enough to hold enough for as strong a cuppa joe as you want. I pre load them at home, fold over the top like a tea bag and staple it shut, making as many as I think I’ll need.