Rain mitt #4 – Swiss Army vinyl rain mitts

The last rain mitt I am looking at is an option that’s durable, inexpensive ($5 / pr), generously sized for layering, go up the sleeve for a better seal, and highly weather resistant during cold and rainy or sleety conditions.

The Swiss Army vinyl rain mitts from the Army Surplus Warehouse are essentially a more durable version of the FroggToggs UL rain jacket.

At 4 oz a pair, they are not on the light side for three-season hiking, but they do make an excellent all-purpose four-season mitten when not handling technical equipment for such activities as skiing or climbing.

As I mentioned, they run large and layer well with both my size 5 liner gloves and an inner fleece mitten ( men’s L/XL).

Tellingly, Joan quickly found these mittens to work well for her and cold weather hiking.  Joan suffers from Raynaud’s Syndrome and absolutely needs handwear that works.  During our recent four-day weekend where we both backpacked and camped in cold/wet and cold/dry conditions, they held up well for her and quickly became a favorite. She used them on previous weekends but this weekend cinched the effectiveness for her.

As I mentioned at the start of this rain mitt series overview,  my ideal mitten would be a mitten form of a kitchen chore glove.  But I have yet to find it.

So I swap in different items depending on conditions, trip goals, or the time of the year.

These Swiss Army mitts make a very good cold and wet mitt when I want to layer and are not bulky. And at $5 a pair, excellent performance to price ratio.  If anything, they are inexpensive enough to grab a couple of pairs to stash in a daypack or camping “go bag” as well.

Joan plans to use them more often than myself for reasons stated earlier. But I can see them adding another useful tool to my gear kit for personal use as well.

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Disclosure: I paid for all the mittens and gloves mentioned in this article with my funds.

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3 years ago

Are you saying these mitts breath a little? They sound promising. I have a shell mitt collection going as well. Could you do a review of that heavy weight Hestra mitt you mention in one of your mitt reviews? Thanks for the great blog.