Quick tip – Foam scraps for the camp chair

One of the best pieces of gear a person can have in their kit? Scraps of closed-cell foam (CCF).

I’ve extolled the virtues of this humble piece of gear many times over the years be for winter stove use and something handy to have in the vehicle. And, most “famously” my gear pick of the year for 2014!

But the most recent use for foam this past year or so comes from Joan’s avid hammock camping use and knowledge over the years. And then applying that knowledge with a camp chair.

As I’ve mentioned before, Joan and I camp frequently.  Even when backpacking, we’ll spend the night out with a quick camping trip near the trailhead.

And what we’ve found is that those same foam pads we keep in the truck for standing on when changing work remarkably well on the camp chair.  Something so simple and so obviously seeming but something that seems to make people go, “Hmmm…that’s cool!”

We repurpose the worn, but still useful, z-lite style pads.

You stay warmer as you become insulated from the cold air; it’s multi-use and inexpensive. 

Yet another great use of the humble foam pad and further proof the CCF ends up as the outdoor person’s not-so-glamorous but ever-so-useful piece of gear, especially with cold weather use.

Grab some old foam, throw it in your vehicle and I think you’ll find it getting used repeatedly.

I know we do!

Don’t have any scraps of foam? Foam pads do not cost much and can get used for many purposes. Buy a couple!

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