Quick Tip: Blue foam for changing winter boots

I’ve previously extolled the virtues of the humble scraps of blue foam.

One item I’ve touched upon before, but thought I’d go into a bit more detail: pad for changing shoes.

In muddy and winter conditions, so much easier to simply put the shoes you are changing INTO in front of the pad and the shoes you are changing OUT of behind.

Simply step onto the pad once you untie your first foot wear and then step into the new footwear.


Seems a simple item..but it works quite well. I “borrowed” the idea from my buddy Mark a few years ago. And the past few weekends, I’ve heard one or two people remark something along the lines of “Why didn’t I think of that?”


As a bonus, if you have to change a fog light or look under your vehicle, the blue foam is quite handy for keeping you (and your clothes) off the ground.

So cut out a piece of old blue foam. And no longer hop on one foot at a winter trailhead.



2 Replies to “Quick Tip: Blue foam for changing winter boots”

  1. I think that a pad to stand on when putting on or changing shoes is a great thing. As I’ve gotten older, I find that I no longer have the balance to put shoes on while standing up, I need to sit, preferably on something elevated. If I don’t, I am likely to get cramps in the foot I am trying to put the boot on. Shoes are bad, boots are worse, especially pull on rubber boots. So now, I need a pad to sit on and a pad to put my feet on. The blue foam is OK, but I think that I’d rather use a segment of Z-Lite or a Z-rest sit pad. What I usually use is for my foot pad is a scrap piece of vinyl or polyester canvas. The polyester is better for cold weather. I’ve got a bunch of scraps of some stuff called Low-e insulation. It’s a polyethylene foam about 3/16″ thick with aluminized sides. It’s used for insulating buildings under metal siding. It’s strictly subjective, but I do think that it makes a good winter insulating layer under a sleeping pad. I made a z-fold pad to fit my frameless pack and it does OK. It’s not that commonly available, so I don’t think that many people have tried it. If you see someone putting up a pole barn, they might be using Low-e insulation.

  2. I do the same when I put on my waders. The foam keeps the neoprene of my waders feet clean while donning/doffing my wading boots. Clean feet equal longer waders life.

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