Quick Tip: Easy Bake Oven Post-Trip

A few years ago, my partner at the time and I went on an overnight winter trip to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

We skied the road that is groomed for cross-country skiing. At twelve miles round trip, a ski tour on the closed park road was an excellent way to see a park that is typically busy with summer traffic. With our winter gear, we were comfortable and warm at night. The evening was rather pleasant.

As part of our supplies, we grabbed some grocery store danish as a quick breakfast for the first morning.

I parked at the visitors center on the sunny winter day.  The vehicle was facing south.

I left the danish on the dashboard without really thinking about what I was doing.

At the end of the ski, the danish was warm and bordering on hot. It was gooey, wonderful, tasty and hit the spot with my thermos of chai after a good day of skiing.  Looking over the canyon while eating this unexpected treat was memorable.

A  happy and unplanned afterthought that has added much to my winter jaunts.

So my quick tip? Leave some baked goods on the dash of the car and have yourself some satisfying, delicious and warm goodness after a winter trip.

A simple tip. And an easy one. And not earth-shattering.

But some hot cinnamon rolls or warm cheese danish after a winter outing is a simple pleasure. And an excellent one.

And the simplest pleasures often add the most to the quality of our life.


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7 years ago

Probably not a good idea out here in western Oregon. First, the chances of sun are small. Second, someone will probably smash a window and grab your goodies!

6 years ago

In many places, leaving food in your car like this is an invitation to have bears break in.