The Thermos – Best Winter Gear Ever?

A look at why I take a thermos on winter outings

When I used to organize winter trips for my local outdoor group, a funny thing would happen.

We’d get to a nice break spot. There would be a good view.  We’d all pull out a snack.

The people newer to skiing or snowshoeing would pull out a water bottle that may have been a little slushy.

The more experienced people? They’d pull out a vacuum bottle. Better known by its common, but trademarked, name of a  thermos.

A hot cup of chai, coffee, cocoa or even delicious , hot and salty broth would be had. (And, if a moon lit ski or snowshoe, perhaps some rum and cider?)

People new to the outdoors would look on with envy.  I felt so bad, I started packing in a “four cuppa” for day trips so I could share the bounty.

Extra weight? Sure. But having a hot drink is enjoyable and a quick “pick me up” on a cold and raw winter day.




Even on overnight trips, I like to take one on occasion. Fuel permitting, it is nice to make a hot drink that will be there waiting for me at some point later in the day. I could pull out the stove, but the thermos is definitely easier.




Which thermos to get? The stainless steel vacuum bottles seem to be the best. Nissan, Thermos, etc. They are all good.  I’ve been out all day in single digit or less temps and the beverage is still piping hot.


At ~$25, they are quite the bargain considering how long a good thermos will last even after hard use.

Unless you are leading group trips, and feeling generous ;),  the “two-cuppa” is about the right size for individual or even couples use.

So take a thermos. Enjoy the view of the mountains.  And warm yourself up from the inside!

Note: I am in the winter mood! Check out the other winter articles.

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10 years ago

Yep! Totally agree! I took my daughter hunting for the first time last weekend and we packed one full of hot cocoa and feasted on the warmth while sitting in 20F ice crusted woodlands.

10 years ago

Oh guaranteed better than video games.