Quick Tip: Campmor Zipper Pulls

Another useful little item that is light, cheap and effective: Campmor zipper pulls.


campmor-zipperAs mentioned previously, there are certain gear items I’ve used over the years that I really don’t think about.

Quick and simple little items or hacks that seem to make my outdoor time a  bit more efficient.

Add to this list the humble Campmor zipper pulls.

Sure, a small piece of 550 cord can be used or bulkier commercial pulls, but the fabric ones are less bulky and obtrusive esp for clothing. They are simple and they work.

Why a zipper pull? A zipper pull makes it much easier to open a pocket. Or to zip or unzip a jacket, pants or heavy shirt and so on. Does not sound too big of a deal unless it is raining or snowing and you need to unzip something while wearing a mitten!

I’ve seen other fabric zipper pulls for sale online, but they either have to be bought in bulk or are somewhat expensive for what you get.  At $1 for six, the Campmor version is unbelievably inexpensive. The down side to these is they you should order them with other gear. Otherwise you are paying a lot of S&H for something that can easily fit in a first class mailing envelope.

Quick, simple and effective: Campmor zipper pulls.  Another great item to have in the misc gear kit!




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