Planning and Packing: Pre-trip delight

I get positively giddy when I start planning a trip.

I consult my favorite piece of gear. Routes are planned out. And I daydream about what experiences I want to have on the trip.

And the night before? Everything is all packed up. I am ready to go.

And if it is a place I have not been to before? Even more exciting.

I know there will be a drive right after work.

The miles will go by on the road as I leave Colorado’s Front Range behind.

The scenery becomes more remote and isolated feeling.

I am sure some survival coffee will be consumed at a gas station on the way.

But then I’ll arrive somewhere if only for a night. A cold beer will be consumed. I’ll enjoy the chill of the night air.

I am free.

The following morning I’ll arrive at my destination.

I’ll again be in a wild place.  If only for a few days.


Can’t wait.

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7 years ago

I love planning a trip as well and imagining all the fun I will have. I also love being on a trip and spending time in nature. The lull in between the two is rough. I always feel impatient and just want to get out there.