On my 1000th post

And I still have a weakness for bad jokes.

I wrote my 1000th post at some point during my thru-hike of the Great Divide Trail.

I’ve had a website in one form or another since the early 2000s. Ancient times in the techie world.

In some ways, a website for conveying information is rather old school. I have a reasonably good outreach on social media. But Youtube and Instagram are where the most popular outdoor awareness happens at this point in many ways. And while I do reasonably well on Instagram, I have a face best suited for radio so I don’t think I’ll ever get into YouTube videos. 🙂

So here it is in 2018. I’ve written just over 1000 articles on my website.

I have a solid following. And consider some of the “famous” (a loose term!) backpackers friends.

I loved this comment from Ultralight Jerk. I’m basically the obscure musician other musicians know and sometimes jam with on stage or odd albums. 🙂

More importantly, this corner of the Internet has helped people plan their own journeys, sparked some dialogues, give practical advice more than discuss the latest buzz in the outdoor world,  and gives me an outlet to organize my thoughts.  I’ve met some great people due to this website and have immersed myself into a greater community.

Not bad. I’ll take it.

I’ll continue to write as I enjoy it and provides some sense of accomplishment my traditional career did not.  I hope to continue to help people, spark some dialogues, have a pragmatic view when it comes to the outdoors and gear,  and meet people because of this website.

We’ll see if I am still around online twenty years from now.  And if I am not doing YouTube videos now, I doubt I’ll be doing VR hiking tutorials or whatever is popular in 2038. A sixty-something-year-old version of me is probably even less photogenic than a forty-something-year-old version of me. 😉

Happy Trails!

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