Gray Wolf Mtn S24O

Before I move to Moab later this week, I am wrapping up things in the Boulder area.

The bulk of that wrapping up means catching up with friends.

After a six-hundred-mile hike in the Canadian Rockies,  it made perfect sense to see some of my friends on a quick S24O.

A way for my friends busy with family obligations to get in a quick backpacking trip.

D-low has mastered the art of the S24O in Colorado.

We leave long after the traffic has died down in The Front Range.  He plans routes may not be long but are very scenic and typically off-trail. And until we get back to the trailhead, we usually do not see anyone.

Our obscure campsite lets us experience the first burst of Autumn in the Colorado high country.  The ground cover had reds and yellows. We felt a crispness in the night air. And we even heard elks bugling.  The gray skies with drizzles cleared out, and nature gave us a light show.

The following morning we hiked up to the ridge leading to Gray Wolf Mountain.

Slightly windy and brisk with clear blue skies. After a month in Canada, a blessing to see horizons without smoke.

We soon reached Gray Wolf Mountain.  Grays, Torreys, Bierstadt, and Evans all visible at some point on the hike to, from, or on the mountain. On a Sunday with clear weather, the 14ers were no doubt busy. Our 13er? Quiet.  We had the summit to ourselves.

We hiked along the cliffs and gazed at Chicago Lakes and our route below.

We soon reached a trail again. People on their way to Mt. Evans. And, a little later, on the way to the easily accessible Chicago Lakes.

We reached the car, grabbed a post-trip coffee, and made our way back home.

Excellent scenery and an enjoyable and low-key way to catch up with some friends before I leave The Front Range for a bit.

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Doug K
5 years ago

very nice.. I’m a big fan of 13ers, haven’t gone up a 14er yet, but lots of 13s.. ha.