Olive Ridge camping weekend

Perhaps once a year, I go camping for the sake of camping with a group of friends.

Unlike other camping trips, this is not “camping with a purpose.”    No obscure canyons are being explored, there is no savoring of a diverse area, or seeing the dwellings of ancient people.

We camp. Make an increasingly rare campfire. Cook lots of food on my cast iron griddle. And, I must confess, it is usually my once a year where I indulge in perhaps a wee bit of some whiskey more than I really should. 🙂

Best use of business cards? Kindling.

But it is fun.

A chance to catch up with a group of friends who may not be as interested in the further reaches of the more obscure backcountry. But want to be out for a night or two.

And we go to a quiet campground that is only an hour away.

But we do get a hike in as well.

We did a hike on an obscure peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. No signs are marking this peak. You have to go looking for the trailhead.

The trail is a bit overgrown. And the deeper woods had some snow.

But some unique views of well-known peaks are spotted.  And we had it all to ourselves.

A brief half-mile bushwhack done to connect to a higher use trail. But then we found another little-used trail to complete the loop. A wide meadow flush with wildflowers and more impressive views.

A nice little weekend.  And proof there are still some obscure areas left in the Front Range Zoo.  Areas that don’t have dozens of your closest hiking friends. 🙂

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