No Sniveling Ski Tour

Recovery complete and feeling very energetic,  I a went on a quick solo ski tour today.

A chance to get out, stretch the legs and get some activity in this weekend.

Backcountry skiing does not need many miles to feel like something was accomplished.

brainardI did the class ~6 mile CMC Ski Trail – Little Raven loop ( I did the loop in reverse from the link. I enjoy the downhill on the road).

Being smarter in my older age, I went up later in the day. As expected, most of the day crowds had left. Since I was solo, I could do the tour in less than three-hours.

No need to get there early, deal with my fellow weekend warriors on the road and grumble about the crowds I am adding to. 🙂

There was time enough to enjoy the scenery of winter and even tweak a gear setup I was curious to try out.

It was beautiful, just cold enough to be bracing, not windy and the snow was pretty good.

A wonderful quick ski tour.


There is beer in the fridge. Dinner is cooking. And I am already thinking about what I want to do over Christmas.

Having four days off, I feel so energetic. A lot personal tasks were accomplished and the ideas are flowing forth.  Makes me realize how much energy I put into my day job. It is not so much the work (I enjoy the problem solving aspect of IT work quite a bit, actually), it is the day-to-day drudgery that goes with any job in a large organization at times. I don’t need to expound upon it. Sadly, most of us are familiar with it. 🙂

So it goes.

We’ll see what 2016 brings…

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John. Patton
John. Patton
8 years ago

What type of skis do you like for day trips with light day pack in the 5 to 6 mile range. I live in. S W. Co. I am not a telemark skier. Thanks. John