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As mentioned previously, I had to get all four wisdom teeth extracted. After many years of neglecting this routine maintenance, I had it done.

They never bothered me, so why do it? Well, my first cavity in 20+ years , on a wisdom tooth, was the catalyst. The good doc said “No more excuses..time to do it”.


So…here I am a day later.

And I feel great.

No pain, very minor swelling, no issues. Be it good DNA from peasant stock, being able to deal with curve balls or simply having a big mouth (most likely reason 😉 ), I was good to go by last night. The pain meds are tucked away in the medicine cabinet.  And I am enjoying a much better, if less potent ,med known as a “pint of beer“. I may even get some skiing in Sunday.

Having a free day on a warm and sunny Colorado winter day, allowed me to catch up with many things on my TO DO list.

Having a full-time job, and a series of increasingly busy part-time jobs, means things tend to pile up.  Though I was busy today, I feel energetic. Made me realize that a traditional 9-5 schedule is stifling and may be time to head out on my own…but that’s another tale to tell.

In any case, I was able to:

All in all, a wonderful gift of time.  Since I do not plan on winning the lottery, getting an inheritance or coming into a trust fund, makes me realize it is almost time to start making my own gift of time.   My IT skill set has grown, my part-time jobs are picking up and the someone has new job opportunities of her own esp. now that she has finished her masters degree and became a newly minted US citizen this past year.

2016 should be an interesting year

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