Mindful and Meaningful Guiding Service

Going through a life change, you tend to take stock of what is important in your life.

Does working in a beige box really fulfill my dreams?  Will I find the meaning of life by filling out employee engagement surveys? Will my life be complete by filling out this Excel spreadsheet?

The answer is a resounding: NO!

I have decided to finally transition out of the corporate software world and begin a guiding service.

With my extensive outdoor background, knowledge, and mindful being, I have decided to offer something unique and special.

Someone like my friend Andrew may guide trips with a learning focus. New skills are picked up in a stunning environment. And that is good. And needed.

I’ll be offering something different.

I’ll be guiding trips in a mindful and meaningful nature.

We will contemplate nature, walk in harmony, and do purposeful meditation at select spots. Our breaths will be controlled and examined.

In our busy day to day lives, there is often little time to explore the more subtle aspects of life.

These mindful and meaningful guided trips will ensure that a person has the appropriate time to contemplate nature and the universe around them.  And within themselves.

We will walk purposefully, pay attention to our steps, and embrace Gaia.

With my subtle nature, sensitivity, quiet words, and hesitance to voice my opinion, I will be an appropriate guide for these meaningful endeavors.

The author wearing some high-quality lifestyle clothing. Mindfully.  And meaningfully.

As part of these mindful and meaningful hikes, I am pleased to offer my clients a 10% discount for both prAna and Lululemon clothing.

These wonderful companies provide high-quality lifestyle clothing for the spiritually active person.   Use the code  PMAGSAPRIL01 at checkout.

With my Mindful and Meaningful Guided Hikes, a daily spiritual practice may be achieved as Mother Earth is revered and treasured.

Mindfully and Meaningfully contemplating the vast spaces.

I will be posting the schedule for these Mindful and Meaningful Guided Trips on April 1st.


And for post hike spirituality, I will be able to offer a discount on healing crystal beds that are normally priced around $2000. Let the spiritual entities flow into you and around you.



25 Replies to “Mindful and Meaningful Guiding Service”

  1. Starting a new business on April Fools Day?
    Wish you success. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for years on BPL.
    I’m a fan of your approach of balancing thrift and functionality.

  2. I like the look of those crystal beds. How big is the discount? Are you offering a 30 day money back guarantee? Are the crystals Fair Trade Certified?

      1. Will be out in CO beginning of July if you’re looking for some hiking fun on the CDT, CT or elsewhere with myself and the wife. Or if you’re looking to test anything out, we can be your subjects. No set backpacking plans yet.

  3. If I signed for a guided trip, I would favor you, because your physiology and non-cooking style somewhat matches mine.

      1. Yes. Mighty Master Dwarf 🙂

        Most backpacking enthusiasts look NOTHING like the REI catalog clothes models.

        Most of us are IT dilberts, with disposable yuppie income.

  4. “With my subtle nature, sensitivity, quiet words, and hesitance to voice my opinion, I will be an appropriate guide for these meaningful endeavors.”

    I was thinking, “Has he gone round the bend?” as I was reading and then I came across this sentence and knew it. Love your sense of humor.

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