Gear review: Zpacks Multipack


I indulged in a new camera in January of 2016.

The Canon G3X is an excellent camera for a person who needs a jack of all trades outdoor camera. An individual who is primarily an outdoor person first who happens to take a lot of photos. I’ve loved the weather resistance, the compactness and lightness versus a DSLR, and the incredible zoom lens.

One of the better gear purchases I have made in a while.

But how to carry this camera?  My old DSLR bag was overkill for this lighter and more compact camera.

It was akin to using a burly 70-liter pack to take a day hike.

Overkill, bulky, heavier than I needed, and not too efficient.

Then I went to the Ferris Mountains WSA where Aaron from TrailGroove joined us.

As with me, he is an ardent outdoors person who happens to take a lot of photos.

I noticed the camera bag he was using: A Zpacks Multi-Pack.

Empty lid. From Zpacks.

Simple, light, not bulky, ample room for a compact mirrorless camera and accessories, and highly water resistant. Straightforward and versatile as well.

At $45, not terribly expensive for the functionality.

I use one strap and use the bag as a chest pack.

The one strap easily extends into a simple shoulder pack, too.  Perfect for when my gear is set up, and I want to wander from camp and take photos.

From Zpacks

The pack comes on and off easily. It has been with me on traditional backpacking trips, winter trips, scrambles, and car camping excursions. I’ve scraped it, lowered it, threw it in my duffle, traveled with it, brought it to places with gritty sand, and have taken it many other places.

Not quite a year later, the pack is showing some abrasion but the pack is overall holding up pretty well for all its use in varied conditions.

The Zpacks Multi-Pack is one of those pieces of gear I treasure. Simple to use and effective for what I want it to do.  It is a piece of equipment I don’t have to think about. It just works.

All gear items should be so good.

Disclosure: I purchased this gear with my funds.

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Pico Zen
Pico Zen
7 years ago

Great review! I have it and use it hiking, traveling, etc. ps. The TS nation misses you

7 years ago

It’s great for fishing gear, too!