Outdoor Tattoos

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Outdoor appropriate tattoos were a topic on a forum I semi-lurk in at this point.

What ink to commemorate outdoor journeys? Wha tattoos are meaningful? What tattoos to celebrate an important aspect of life?

When I finished the Triple Crown of backpacking, I briefly thought of getting some ink.

I didn’t.

Too expensive, I wasn’t sure what tattoo would mean something to me ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.  And, frankly, it became a low priority as I was looking for a job and then adjusting to working in a beige box again after walking across the Rockies.

As with many fleetings thoughts, they went away. To be forgotten.

I have not thought about tattoos in quite some time.

For friends and acquaintances of mine, they truly do express a part of their personality, commemorate important events, and express what is important in their lives.

Nearly twenty years later, I have some scar tissue on my forearm from a nasty fall in Maine. This tat is far more aesthetically pleasing. From Pinterest.

And that is good. And works for them.  Does not work for me, however.

But the more I thought about it; I think many of us have tattoos.

Ones given by experiencing life.

I am going to be 43 next month.

Overall, I am very healthy.  Speed or dexterity were never my strong suits.  I have not noticed any decline in what I enjoy doing in the outdoors (Plodding ahead. For many hours. With ample amount of food and wine many times. 🙂 )

But after more than twenty years of active outdoor pursuits, I have my tattoos.  Of sorts.

My arms and legs have scars from falls, tumbles, scrapes, and bruises from years past.

I was blase’ about sun protection when younger and I have sun spots where my cheeks bones are located.

A rare sighting of me sans camera and sun glasses. 😉

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And partially because of the above, and partially because I am going to be 43, some noticeable lines are now showing up in the corner of my eyes esp. when I smile.  Since I smile a lot when outdoors, the wrinkles show up quite a bit. 🙂

So I do not have outdoor ink.

But I do have some outdoor related tattoos.  From being outside a lot over the years.

Here’s for another twenty, forty, or more years in the outdoors creating them.

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