Gear Review – Wrangler Nylon Pants

I rarely hike in shorts anymore except on well-maintained trails during prime three-season conditions.

My legs get scuffed up, scratched, and I recreate at or above 5000′ elevation consistently. The sun’s UV rays end up frying the skin easier, and the nights cool off quickly even in the summer.

I prefer the versatility of pants overall for hiking.

At the end of the 500+ mile Northern New Mexico Loop. I am wearing my UBTech pants and also sporting my Western plaid polycotton snap shirt that I think works better than “real” hiking shirts.

Any my pants of choice for a few years now? UBTech Travel Pants that I scoop up at Costco for $20 or less or found online for a little more money.

I’ve worn these almost exclusively as my pants of choice for many days and nights in the backcountry over the years. And prefer them to some $90 pants I reviewed. By far!

The fit strikes a balance between baggy comfy pants and pants with the “skinny jeans” look that might be fashionable for van life, but perhaps not the most practical fit for active hiking.

However, I realize some people prefer a baggier fit, or want a classic “working pants” look minus any kind of side pockets. Or prefer something more comfortable for traveling, relaxing, or even everyday wear that looks less “outdoorsy.”

Me, too.

Enter the Wrangler Nylon Pants at the princely sum of $25 a pair.

There’s not much to say about them other than, well, they are pants made of a 94% nylon/ 6% spandex blend. Similar to the composition of other outdoor pants. For less than a third of the cost.

They are similar to the chino-style work pants that have been a staple of men’s wear since the 1940s, except in quicker drier nylon. They come in black, greenish-brown, dark gray, bronze, and khaki.

Nothing fancy; just an excellent all-purpose set of pants for everyday use, travel, and the outdoors.

In Navajo National Monument, enjoying some post-hiking relaxing.

I prefer the nylon version to similarly priced “golf pants” as though polyester dries a little bit faster, nylon ends up being more durable. Perfect if you find yourself off-trail or scrambling regularly.

So, if you are looking for some simple pants for hiking that also happens to work well for anything ranging from light trail work to quick camping trips, everyday use, or a multi-week road trip, you could do far worse than Wrangler Nylon Pants.

I’ve bought and used three pairs of these pants since the fall of 2018 and will probably use them for a while to come.

Disclosure: Wrangler did not provide these pants for my review. Nor my western plaid shirts for that matter. 😉

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Andrew R
Andrew R
4 years ago

These are great suggestions. One that’s often overlooked and readily available are Eddie Bauer Guide Pro pants. Full price is laughable, but they’re often on sale for 40 or 50% off. Nylon and backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can just take them to the mall and get a new pair for free when they wear out which makes the slightly higher price worth it.

4 years ago

I found these pants at Walmart last fall. After buying the first pair to try them out I went back for two more. I wondered what you might think of them. Now I know. Thanks Paul.

Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson
4 years ago

UBTech or Wrangler. Who wins in your opinion??

Peter Brown
Peter Brown
4 years ago

Yes, Wrangler Outdoor Series available at Walmart have been my go to pants in the Catskills. I bought a fleece lined version that worked fine all winter hiking the 3500. I got caught in the rain the other day and the unlined version kept me warm, great value.