Gear Review – Military Surplus Wool Liner Gloves



I found this image long ago with Google Image Search.

As winter approaches, I am in the process of reorganizing my gear for the upcoming season.

The lighter clothing is getting stowed away. My skis are getting tuned. And  I am reorganizing my gear and packs to get ready for the upcoming season.

Two pieces of clothing  make it to the any season or outdoor activity  categories.  My trusty balaclava and the military surplus wool liner gloves.

Inexpensive. Fairly durable. Warm.    And at just over 1.5 oz per pair (size five), they are light, too.

As for sizing, from what I can tell the rough measurement the correlation of sizes are in men’s sizes are that  2= XS, 3= S, 4=M 5=L, 6=XL

When hiking or backpacking, I wear them by themselves on cool mornings.

On rainy and cold days, they are wonderful under shell mitts.

And during winter? A pair of these coupled with shell mitts has taken me to sub-zero temps on ski tours (while moving).

A versatile piece of clothing for sure.

It is one of those small items I tend to forget about, but can’t picture my outdoor activities without

At $3-5 a pair in bulk or $8 a pair when bought individually, they are a bargain compared to ones three times or more as expensive. Two-three pairs tend to last me a year.

Overall Summary

An indispensable item in my outdoor clothing kit for all four seasons.

Found at your local surplus store (or on eBay)  in various sizes (I have tended to wear a Men’s large to extra-large in a glove and take a size five in the liners) and various colors: Gray, blue, black and the ever classic OD Green!

I can hold my delicious chicken broth ’cause I have my trusty wool liners! 🙂


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3 years ago

I tried to Google Image find but not the IT wonk you are. What do the numbers on the gloves mean? Paleeze dont answer 3,4,5,6. … he he