Gear review – Boonie Hat 2.0

Oh, the places my beloved boonie hat has taken me over the years.

Along the divide and through the desert and all-around northern New Mexico, the simple surplus-style boonie hat served me well in different forms.

In Paria Canyon during my Walk Across Southern Utah.

It kept off the sun, made sure the rain did not get into my eyes and served as a faithful companion for all my trips.

The lastest iteration lasted 8+ years of constant use. 

But the time came for it to go into the back of our vehicle. And get used as a spare hat in an emergency stash.

Time for a new hat.

And though the boonie served me well, I wanted something a bit wider and maybe a touch less heavy in terms of the material for the hotter weather I find myself in vs. Colorado.

And that hat I found? 

A hat with the mouthful of the name of Pudolla Unisex Bucket Hat Boonie Hunting Fishing Outdoor Cap Wide Brim Military Sun Hats” but what I’ll simply call Boonie Hat 2.0.

It weighs in 2.5 oz, made of thin polyester vs. a thicker cotton blend, and, crucially, has a broader brim of 3″ vs. 2.5″ of the classic boonie, meaning more sun protection. Oh, and keeping with a theme typical for me, it’s only $13.

Photos tell the story best; the first photo is from Comb Ridge back in 2017 wearing Boonie Hat 1.0:

And here I am this weekend, same shirt, wearing Boonie Hat 2.0:

Note the more ample sun protection and lighter fabric. But similar aesthetics overall.

As I mentioned in my recent sun hoodie post, I prefer a wider hat for sun protection vs. a hood or lot os sunscreen. A wider hat facilitates this preference.

The Boonie Hat 2.0 still has a semi-rigid brim I prefer vs. a floppy one and has the same drawstring to wear under the chin if needed.  Oh, and if I choose a dapper(?!)  look, I can use the snaps on the side too! Available in OD green, gray, black, and khaki as well.

All in all, it’s a newer spin on surplus store classic, that’s an inexpensive hat that’s effective sun protection.

After six months+ of constant use, I think it’s safe to say that I plan on using Boonie Hat 2.0 for a while to come.

In the San Juans. PCO of Joan.

UPDATE  – Thanks to a recent Reddit thread for a shout.  Here’s my hat, still trucking along, if faded, two years later –

From my recent GJ to Moab walk.

The hat no longer looks available but plenty of generic nylon hat options such as this $16 one (mesh ventilation) or this $11 one (traditional)

Disclosure: I purchased Boonie Hat 2.0 with my funds.

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Roger Moore
Roger Moore
3 years ago

Nice review! When something works stick with it! I’ve been rocking those Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hats for about 20 years. At 40 bucks they’re more on the expensive side. But I’m harder to shop for, so the kids seem to get these for me instead of ties. I remember EXACTLY how my love affair started: I was out of Catalina Island with a girlfriend about 20 years ago when I saw someone wearing them one. I still have a sunburned neck from hiking in the Desert near California City, C. I rushed over to badger the person for a… Read more »

Wendy Allen
Wendy Allen
3 years ago

Do they have multiple sizes? I haven’t been able to find a hat to fit my head!

3 years ago
Reply to  Wendy Allen

They come in sizes and the L will fit a really big head.

David M.
David M.
3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

Confirm, Sunday Afternoon’s Adventure Hat size L will fit a very large head, even loosely on my 7 7/8” – 8” head (strap tightens).

The other hat I’ve found that fits is Tilley’s largest sizes (for me, 7 7/8” OK but not as loose as above hat, 8” harder to find). I like their Paddler, with a stiffer front brim that won’t flip up in wind. Nice chin strap storage, easy to wash (doesn’t shrink), occasional sales.

Both offer excellent sun protection and pack flat, but brims will crease if folded.