A well worn piece of gear over the seasons

I’ve been wearing a boonie hat of one sort or another for quite a while now.

It accompanied me for my first forays out West, was worn on a trek on the divide and I purchased a new one when I lost THAT hat during a move.

in Glacier National Park

A boonie hat is inexpensive, durable, packable and versatile.  Great for sun protection, rain and even some light snow. And long lasting.

I am sure there are better hats out there. But the boonie hat works well enough for me.

When I lost the khaki boonie hat sometime in 2008 or 2009, the local surplus store only had Army green in my size. So I bought it. I like boonie hats and I did not want to shop any more than I had to with my free time.

pecos boonie

Not all photos of me involve me taking photos. Just most of them! PCO Mark T

When I lost THAT hat when an unexpected gust of wind took it away on one trip, I had to buy another boonie. And, just like the previous time, the local surplus store only had my size in Army green.  (Of course, I’d buy the hat online now.)

For various reasons, the Army green boonie hat became a identifiable trademark for me over the years. I’ve been recognized roughly half a dozen times now  because of that hat. 🙂

There are not too many photos of me because I am taking photos of other people and places typically.

Most of them are courtesy of my buddy Mark. Usually of me taking a photo. And in those photos, I am always wearing an Army green hat.

I’ve been taking a few self portraits lately since I’ve been taken to task that almost all photos of me have a camera in front of them. 🙂

And because of those photos,  it is apparent that the Army green hat is starting to become sun faded and looking less Army green and more and more like khaki.  A good sign for some well used and loved gear! 😉


The well worn boonie hat over the seasons. In Sept 2012 it was only two months or so old. Looking a little faded for some spring skiing in 2013, it was light green by 2014 and is looking a little worn in 2015.  And in May 2016? The hat is now getting a nice patina. A well loved, used and worn piece of gear. 🙂


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7 years ago

I purchased a boonie hat a few months ago and i’m a convert! It’s like an umbrella that you don’t have to hold in your hand.

I do recommend the dorky chinstrap though, as otherwise it tends to achieve liftoff during gusts on windy ridges

Nick Gatel
Nick Gatel
7 years ago

I wore Boonie hats for 40 years until my wife bought me a couple Tilley’s. Can’t say they are significantly better, but they are signifacnlty more expensive — so I have to now worry about losing my newer hats. Still wear my Boonie occasionally. I wouldn’t switch if I were you, and don’t let your wife see a gear catalogue!

7 years ago

My favorite is the Sunday Afternoons Adventure hat, the ultimate in dorkiness. What I love about it is that it keeps the sun off my face and neck (I burn easily and am allergic to most sunscreens) and that there’s no brim in back to bang against the top of my backpack, just a drape (which can be fastened up to the back of the hat when needed. I wear it around town, too.

7 years ago

I started wearing a boonie hat after reading your original review. I love the thing. I always take it for days outside, on the water, or working around the house to keep my head and ears from burning in the sun. Works like a champ.

If you want the solution to losing your hat in the wind, read this post I found shortly after purchasing my hat. I wear the the hat boating and it doesn’t even fly off at high speed!


The Travel Gears
The Travel Gears
6 years ago

I do recommend the dorky chinstrap though, as otherwise it tends to achieve liftoff during gusts on windy ridges