Gear Review – Aennon USB Rechargeable Headlamp

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A rechargeable USB headlamp.

So simple of an idea, yet less common among outdoor users in general.

This past year, I’ve been using the Aennon USB Rechargeable Headlamp (My version no longer available. There are now similar models)

Perfect for at home for emergencies, in the junk drawer, or with a toolkit.

Or, as I have been using it the past few weeks, as part of my road trip kit.

A bit heavier and bulkier for most lightweight backpackers, it works exceptionally well for my road trip and car camping. I used it many times for late night camps I’ve been after arriving at another interesting place.

The light puts out 220 lumens, has various white light settings or different brightness, and the ever-handy redlight setting for stargazing and enjoying the evening camp without ruining your night vision. The headlamp is also water resistant as well. And, unlike many headlamps, the band fits large heads and thick hats easily. I’ve noticed other headlamps to be a bit snug for me when wearing thicker winter hats

However, some may ask: What is so great about a rechargeable headlamp? Well, there are no batteries to deal with of course. I just charge up the headlamp while driving during the day if needed.  And at an estimated 30 hours between charges, the charging frequency is not that often.  Cold has not bothered the performance of this headlamp, either.

In size, weight, and functionality it is very similar to the Black Diamond ReVolt.

And while the Aennon headlamp does not have quite the bells and whistles as the ReVolt nor is it quite as bright, the Aennon is also one-third the price. The Aennon is a very reasonable $20 versus the $60 for the Black Diamond.

So, if you are looking for an all-purpose headlamp that easily recharges and is reasonable in price, consider the Aennon USB Rechargeable Headlamp.

I’ve been pleased with this purchase I made over one year ago, and it is an item I am now using almost daily.  Or should I say nightly? 🙂

Disclosure: I purchased the Aennon USB Rechargeable Headlamp with my funds.

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Devin Quince
Devin Quince
6 years ago

This is great, I am so done with batteries. For my bike riding, I use rechargeable lights that I can charge in the office and at home. If I am going to be riding on a tour, etc. I have a lightweight portable charger that I can use to charge the lights, phone, etc.

Chuck Leiter
Chuck Leiter
6 years ago

Hi Paul. Pretty good review. I’ve been researching this headlamp for a week now, including asking their customer service questions I hadn’t seen addressed. Despite reading more than 200 reviews on Amazon, only one person commented on the brightness of the lamp on high power before the battery dies. Aennon customer service/technicians told me that the light is producing 60 lumens when the charge expires. That’s a pretty good drop from 220 lumens. What has been your experience regarding this issue? Thanks.