Finally some skiing!

Just a few ski tours over Christmas Weekend.

With enough wonderful snow locally, it was time to get the skis out.

Having no family of social obligations, the someone and I decided to go skiing on Christmas day.

The snow started coming down rather hard by the time we finished and made it home. A real white Christmas.

The roads were sloppy on the 26th, so a good day to WFH.

Saturday and Sunday saw us out again on skis.

I did a longer tour solo on Saturday.

The high point of the day, as usual, proved to be a great place to catch a break and enjoy a thermos of hot coffee.

Even if it was a bit windy and snowy!

The following Sunday, the Mrs and I did another tour together. The weather was even more brisk.

We made it to the cusp of treeline and called it good.

We skied back down a little bit, ducked into the trees and enjoyed a hot beverage.

The weather was quite cold, even 5000′ lower.  But a welcoming pot of coconut curry chicken soup waited in the crock pot. A simple meal but one that tasted wonderful.

Here’s to a wonderful first weekend of skiing!


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