December Ski Fun

Every year I anxiously await ski season. The fresh powder, the intense blue skies of winter and beautiful mountain scenery. What's not to like?


The first day of skiing was at Brainard Lake.  The powder was deep and fluffy. There were no winds. It was sunny. It was uncrowded. Could this really be the Brainard Lake area????



The scenery spoke for itself.

It was one of those magical days in the backcountry where all the right ingredients were there for the perfect day.



The only down side? The bar was set high.  Would other weekends be as good?



Another weekend teli skiing at Butler Gulch answered the question:  Yes!



The snow will be there. There will be that feeling of floating on the snow effortlessly.  The mountains will continue to beckon.

And the winter will again be a magical time

All the photos….


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