CORSAR card confusion

Despite what people write on forums, the CORSAR card is *not* insurance.


From Denver CBS

On various outdoor forums, be it about climbing, backpacking, skiing and so on, the CORSAR card is usually mentioned.

This card put out by the state of Colorado, helps defray costs for the search and rescue organizations, sheriff departments,  the training of personnel and the purchasing of equipment for these volunteer-based and government agencies. Many of agencies that happen to perform many of the SARs also happen to be  in counties that have a lower tax base.

The purchase of this card is essentially a charitable donation to help out the dedicated volunteers, organizations, and government agencies.

What the card is NOT? It is NOT  insurance. The SAR groups in Colorado will not charge for the search and  rescue.    What may be charged is any medical evacuation: ambulance, helicopters, etc. that are done by a third-party  group.

Depending on the situation, the evac may not be charged for as well. A friend of mine suffered from altitude sickness on a backcountry hut trip a decade or so ago.  He had to be evacuated.

The evac unit needed so many training hours, so the evac team did not charge my friend. The evac itself was able to be counted for the training hours this group needed.

I suspect it helped that my friend had to evacuated through no fault or negligence of his own!

So purchase a CORSAR card. Help out the Colorado SAR groups and county organizations.  But please note, despite popular misconception, the CORSAR card is NOT an insurance card.

To quote the website:

The CORSAR Card Is Not Insurance
The card is not insurance and does not reimburse individuals nor does it pay for medical transport.  It reimburses sheriffs for eligible costs involved in the discharge of a SAR mission.

The CORSAR card is a good thing to purchase. The SAR groups and counties always need funds. And your purchase of the CORSAR cards gives a hand to the many hardworking SAR groups and government agencies that help to make Colorado a safe place.

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