A Wednesday night send off

Tuesday was my last day of work.

The day could not start off any more appropriately: I had to dial into a 6 AM “war room” bridge for a severity issue.

An issue that already saw me pull a 15 hour day last week.

So my last day of employment encapsulated the last year of employment: Something blew up, it had to be fixed, and we would all slog through it.

But it was my last day.

I handed the on call duties to a colleague. Said my goodbyes. Sent a farewell email. And my now former boss shook my hand and wished me good luck.

A last minute celebration of pizza and beer was done with Rachel and Mike that evening.

And Wednesday? The ultimate Wednesday reset was done. 

We had a campsite at Brainard Lake, took a hike, had a few beers, and cooked over the fire.

The office is already melting away.

I am now free.

And what better way to start that freedom than to camp at 10,000 feet and enjoy the cool air of Autumn?

The next few months are going to be great!


4 Replies to “A Wednesday night send off”

  1. Savor the gift of time and enjoy the adventure!!
    I did a similar “pull the plug” last fall for a few months and it was one of the best decisions I’ve mad so far at 50.

  2. I can appreciate the stress that your job has entailed, and I’m so happy for you that you are having an opportunity to unplug and be free. Savor each moment.

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