Wednesday Reset 2017

As with many people in a so-called professional position, my job makes me more mentally drained than physically drained.

Be it stress, a layer of “stuff” that sometimes goes on in a corporate environment, or only trying to stay on top of things, at times I need a mid-week walk to purge the resulting crap out of my system.

When that mid-week hike is canceled due to the job sometimes, I doubly feel the need for a hike.

Which is a long way of saying that these Wednesday Resets were a needed tonic over the past few years not only for myself but also my friends in a similar position.

A way to see something that is usually too crowded on the weekend, but is bliss mid-week. The exercise gets some endorphins through the system. And a pint or two with friends post-hike is always welcome.  And the mid-week hikes seem to make the rest of the work week a bit more pleasant.

In short, the Wednesday Resets add much value to a sometimes hectic life.

The hike could be with a friend at a place I rarely go to anymore and enjoy the late winter sunset.’

A friend’s photogenic pooch

And when I am on-call (and stuff has not hit the fan and tieing me to a keyboard), a local place with cell coverage may be just enough to set things right again.

Secret spots are hiked to again…

And the foothills are lush in Spring.

A weekend classic is explored with only a few of us for some sunset photo bliss:

And a stunning, but overcrowded, place in Rocky Mountain National Park is savored mid-week and appreciated more.

As the days grow shorter again and Fall is around the corner, the local foothills area again savored.

And the local mountain is re-discovered. And reminds me of why this area held so much enchantment when I moved here nearly twenty years ago.

And these hikes aren’t just about the scenic beauty.

The mid-week hikes would not be the same without the friends who I joined.

PCO Mark Thomas

And the libations we shared after…

The Wednesday hikes are not that overused phrase of “epic”, or particularly difficult, or novel.

These Wednesday hikes are shared memories with friends and add to the overall quality of life.

In other words, a good thing.

And something needed.

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Jeramie Nielsen
Jeramie Nielsen
6 years ago

I really need to start doing this. Living in Westminster, I have no excuse.