A useful item: Poncho liner

There are some items I’ve had so long that I don’t even remember when I bought them.  My Contigo coffee mug comes immediately to mind.  It seems to have always been there, is an item I still use and is a much a part of my kit at this point as a pack or a favorite pair of shoes.

And another of these items? A surplus poncho liner.  (aka a “woobie.”)

Mainly of the same type of material as the M65 puffy pants and liner jacket, the poncho liner at its core a light, synthetic fill quilt.

Overall, the poncho liner is a handy item to have in gear kit for various activities.

A poncho liner with some other favorite surplus goodies.

A few key details about the poncho liner:

  • A poncho liner is a dirtbagger favorite as it costs only about $25 used.
  • Good to about low to mid-50s F and weighs 22oz.  (As with most surplus goods, there is going to be differences depending on the contractor, year made, the material used, etc.)  
  • Not the lightest or most efficient vs. other better-made synthetic quilts, but a budget-friendly option especially for occasional use.


Poncho liner from Amazon

Why would you use a poncho liner?

Overall?  As mentioned, there are lighter and more efficient options than the surplus poncho liner. But at $25, the price is excellent for occasional use or if you want one piece of gear that fills a few different roles well in your gear toolkit. A few occasional applications in different roles add up to a good amount of use. At least for me.

Where to get?  A real military surplus store or online resources such as Amazon.


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  1. PMags: Woobies are great! I keep one in each car/vehicle over the winter in case it’s needed in an accident or otherwise.

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