A useful item: Poncho liner

There are some items I’ve had so long that I don’t even remember when I bought them.  My Contigo coffee mug comes immediately to mind.  It seems to have always been there, is an item I still use and is a much a part of my kit at this point as a pack or a favorite pair of shoes.

And another of these items? A surplus poncho liner.  (aka a “woobie.”)

Mainly of the same type of material as the M65 puffy pants and liner jacket, the poncho liner at its core a light, synthetic fill quilt.

Overall, the poncho liner is a handy item to have in gear kit for various activities.

A poncho liner with some other favorite surplus goodies.

A few key details about the poncho liner:

  • A poncho liner is a dirtbagger favorite as it costs only about $25 used.
  • Good to about low to mid-50s F and weighs 22oz.  (As with most surplus goods, there is going to be differences depending on the contractor, year made, the material used, etc.)  
  • Not the lightest or most efficient vs. other better-made synthetic quilts, but a budget-friendly option especially for occasional use.


Poncho liner from Amazon

Why would you use a poncho liner?

Overall?  As mentioned, there are lighter and more efficient options than the surplus poncho liner. But at $25, the price is excellent for occasional use or if you want one piece of gear that fills a few different roles well in your gear toolkit. A few occasional applications in different roles add up to a good amount of use. At least for me.

Where to get?  A real military surplus store or online resources such as Amazon.

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JD Dallager
JD Dallager
5 years ago

PMags: Woobies are great! I keep one in each car/vehicle over the winter in case it’s needed in an accident or otherwise.

John David. Eugean Chapman
John David. Eugean Chapman
4 years ago

Ive had mine since the veit nam war in the marines.being homeless for thirty tree years out of the last fourty. The poncho liner, has been my security blanket, freind, many a night, when alone in the woods. I lost mine in a fire three years ago. And got another one the next day.

4 years ago

Got my woobie close by at all times. No matter whether at home or on the road I had a couple in the Army actually but never gave them another thought until Paul brought it up. Instantly ordered on on Amazon and glad I did. Thanks yet once AGAIN, Paul. Hot damn. Great advice.