Wonderful fall

I’ve rhapsodized over fall quite a bit before.

It is simply my favorite time of the year to be outside.

Less people. Nature is perhaps at its most beautiful and the weather is sublime.

I do love this time of the year in #colorado

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A sacred time in many ways for me.

When I have to give up a weekend in September and October, it pains more than other times of the year.

If I could, I’d take a leave of absence every year in September.

Camp, backpack, hike or even simply sip my coffee on a cool morning and just be outside.

After work fall foothills #hike in #Boulder #colorado

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I can almost smell the decaying leaves and feel the coolness in the air.

The elks are bugling and the stars are shining bright above.



Pretty damn good time to be outside.

Happy first day of autumn!

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