Withdrawing from the time bank


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I hate having a cold.

Why? Not because of the lack of energy, or the hurting chest from too much coughing or the inconvenience of still having to do adult things in life while feeling like sh**.

No. The real reason why I hate having a cold?   I resent having to take off two precious days of time off to rest up and get better. Plus the weekend is shot, too.

Money, within reason and if your needs are modest, can be easily made again, saved up or invested.

Time? Once it is gone from the time bank, it is gone. -POOF-

Never to have again.

One less canyon to explore or hut trip to have or camping trip to enjoy. (All things I‘ve done in the past on this weekend it seems…many times)

Sixteen hours given up so I can watch crappy TV on Netflix, heat up some soup and curl up with a blanket on the couch.

I readily admit I get grumpy when I have to spend hours from my time bank on something I’d rather not.

Of all the gifts in the world I’d like? Free time is the best gift for an outdoors person who works full time.

It is the most rare gift of all.

And something I value far more than any piece of gear.

So it goes. Good thing someone is out-of-town for a little bit. She, correctly, calls me The Grumpster, at times like this….

Until next weekend.



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8 years ago

I have friends who will take a “mental health day” and sit at home and watch Netflix.
I’ve never understood that. My mental health days require the outdoors.
Feel better, Mags, and don’t forget, whiskey can help cure your cold.

8 years ago

Try binge watching “The Zoo” by James Patterson on Netflix. Will make you want to stay inside to stay safe. After watching it read the book.