Website of the week: Wayback Machine

My day job has been in Software/ IT since 1999.

I’ve repaired laptops, stood up servers, and have deployed software in various iterations of my career.

As a professional IT guy, I’ve learned about and use many websites in a professional capacity.

And sometimes the websites I read about also happens to work well for my outdoor career.

One such site is the Wayback Machine.  

The Wayback Machine is a subsite of the useful Internet Archive.   Books, videos, news, photos, etc. are all available to be perused on this fantastic resource.

But it is the Wayback Machine that I have used the most.

Websites come and go on the internet.  Information can be altered or even deleted outright.

I’ve used the Wayback machine to link older content on web pages where content changes but the information itself is useful, or mention a classic backpacking podcast with great interviews, or pull up information that is interesting but is no longer found on a live website.

The Wayback Machine is, of course, named after the WABAC found on the “Improbable History” portion of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  And WABAC is a play on the old UNIVAC and ENIAC machines. Proto-geek culture par excellence!

The Wayback Machine is a very useful site for finding legacy information that is still needed.

Or if politicians decide to alter information for poltical agenda.

But that altering of information for a political agenda would never happen in a Full Democracy…

So, go to the Way Back machine. Find the needed information that is no longer as readily available but is still very pertinent.

And if you have a few extra bucks, consider giving a donation to this very useful organization.

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