Website of the week: The History of Gear Project

With GoLite going off into history, here’s a look at other famous brands that while influential are  no longer around and/or different in form.

from The History of Gear Project

 With GoLite apparently on its last legs, there is much discussion about this company.

Why it went the way it did, its place in the outdoor industry, how it affected the perception of lightweight gear, how it is used and even how it is marketed.

But what occurred to me is that GoLite is one many companies throughout the years that while influential, are either gone or not recognizable at this point in their company history.

Other companies evolve, change their focus or cease to be outdoor companies at all.

With all this recent discussion, I am reminded of a neat little website that documents much of the history and evolution of outdoor gear: The History of Gear Project at Oregon Photos. 

The web design is a bit of a throwback (appropriate for discussion of outdoor history?), but the  information is excellent and updated regularly (Sept 2014 as of this writing).

You can read about the pioneering companies that are still around , other companies that are existing in name but are quite different at this point in time and influential companies that no longer exist.  And if the reader is particularly curious, they can read about some early gear too. 

A good website to read about forgotten people and companies in the modern outdoors movement.

Who knows..maybe GoLite will be on this or a similar archive in the future?


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9 years ago

Thanks for the share. It is interesting look back in history at all the gear companies that were around.

9 years ago

I was cool looking at that pic and seeing the Jansport external pack. This is just like my very first backpack and with the exception of one small hole in the fabric it is just as good as the day I got over 30 years ago. After several multi-day trips in New Mexico and a trip in the Grand Canyon I could still use it today if I had to.