The South La Sals

As Joan and I continue to make Moab our home, we continue to form our community here.

We’ve met many engaging, dedicated, and interesting people over the past few years. And it’s always a pleasure to spend time with them in this place we call home.

With Joan out on the Pacific Crest Trail, I’ve been alone these past two weeks.

Showing up to a cookout, I got invited to join some friends on a hike to the La Sals. With some input from me, we decided to hike a lesser-known peak in this already lightly walked range.

I, frankly, love these local mountains.

It’s an escape from the desert heat, forms a scenic backdrop to our home, and always offers hikes that allow us to experience the alpine terrain.

When I first moved here, I knew the red rock desert would hold many delights, but I did not expect how much I’d enjoy these mountains.

The lakes, the pines, and the aspen give us a reprieve during the summer months.

On this trip, we visited a favorite spot with an impressive view of Peale and Tukuhnikivatz.

The group felt up for more hiking, so we went to South Mountain at the end of the La Sal range.

A lesser hiked peak but a cross-country trek with views towards the higher La Sal Peaks and the desert below.

All in all, a good day. And it was satisfying to introduce a new area to friends.

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