The Liebster Award

My contribution to the latest trend making the hiking website circle: The Liebster Award.


The Liebster Award is a Blogstöcken (Blogstöcken translated means Blog Stick). This award has been around for nearly a decade and the idea is to tag bloggers to learn more about them and their blogs.

–From Backpacking Engineer

The answers and questions have proven to be interesting. No surprise, I have been enjoying the ones that are less gear-centric and more personal or philosophical with some humor thrown in.  I found this latest trend to hit the hiking blogs to  be a good way to find out about blogs I have not read before.

Since I was tagged, I probably should respond. 🙂

EDIT:  About the time I posted this article, I was tagged by this gentleman as well.

Here are my answers:


  • What do you do to fund your journeys?

I originally wanted to marry rich and/or inherit a large amount of money. Since marrying rich did not pan out, and the lost-lost distant uncle has yet to leave me money, I do the rather un-glamorous method of “Working. Saving money”

  • What is your favorite time of year to be outdoors and why?

Hands down, the fall.

  • Backpacking or hiking alone or as a group and why?


  • Name one piece of gear you cannot live without and why.

My shoes. Rather hard to walk, ski or climb without them. 😉

  • Most embarrassing trail story…GO!

In May 1999, I slept under the stars for the first time. I was a bit apprehensive without the protective nylon shell of a tent around me.

At 3 am or so in the morning, I see two eyes looking at me perhaps three-feet away. I let out a scream.

The vicious bunny rabbit hopped away.

  • What is your favorite book about the outdoors?

Cadillac Desert. I just finished re-reading it.  An excellent book about water rights, and the politics, history and culture behind the current use of water in the American West.  To truly understand the West, you need to understand water.  In the West, when you touch wateryou touch everything.

  • What motivated you to start your blog?

I found myself answering similar questions frequently. Thought it be better to collect my answers in one place. And then just give out the URL to an article.  I’m lazy. 😉

  • What is one thing you wish you knew before you started blogging?

I started blogging way back in 1998 when did an on-line journal for Trailplace when it was under Dan “Wingfoot” Bruce’s direction.  I did not realize then how popular personal websites would become.  If I knew better, I’d invest in Blogger before it was bought out by Google and I would not have to use the steps listed in the first question. 😉

  • What is your favorite blog that you wrote?

Whew..hard to say.  I am proud of the Quick and Dirty documents as they distill a lot of the information about thru-hiking the long distance trails into an easy, informative and helpful format that is very useful for initial research.

  • What is your favorite hobby beside your blogging material?

History was/is my first love. Many of my outdoor jaunts often take in the local history as well. I enjoy researching a place and its significance to the culture, history and the surrounding area.

And, with a last name like Magnanti, I very much grew up where eating and cooking was a shared cultural activity. Sunday dinners at Grandma Magnanti’s would start at noon and end at four.  As such, I enjoy cooking and sharing the said food. I often combine my love of the outdoors with my passion for food and cooking as well.

  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?

For sale. Overpriced. At the local farmer’s market.

I am supposed to tag eleven other bloggers to keep the momentum going. Looks like most of the bloggers are already tagged by other people.

Of the three blogs I read that aren’t already tagged, one person will adamantly refuse do this Q&A. Part of the reason why I read his blog is that he is a bit cantankerous, to the point and is no-nonsense.  Picture me in about 20 years or so. 😉  He also writes very well. I have a feeling he would not like the extra publicity so you’ll just have to stumble upon his website on your own. If you do stumble upon the blog, I think you’ll rather enjoy it, too.

The first blogger I am tagging is Liz “Snorkel” Thomas. A very accomplished hiker who is infectious with her obvious joy of being out., she also like beer, writes about the best places to eat in Los Angeles when doing an urban thru-hike, and is an engaging and informative speaker.

The other blogger is one I have written about before.  Cam “Swami” Honan writes well and is worth a read. More than his impressive accomplishments or his vast experience, there is a certain joy he brings to all his outdoor pursuits.

So Cam and Liz, here are my eleven questions:

  • Favorite post hike meal?
  • Favorite beer?
  • Favorite short hike (you can define that however you want!)?
  • Favorite place to see a sunrise?
  • If you could hike with any historic person, who would it be and why?
  • Who do you consider to be the person most influential to your outdoor pursuits?
  • What is the most obscure piece of gear you use?
  • Besides hiking/backpacking, what other outdoor pursuits do you enjoy?
  • We all, hopefully, learn from our mistakes. What “DOH!” moment in the backcountry did you have and learned from the most?
  • Who is cooler: Bigfoot, Lochness Monster or El Chupacabra? Discuss.
  • 42 is the answer, but what is the question????


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10 years ago

Pretty sure I know the blog that you didn’t name, and I’m in total agreement about its excellence.