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Exciting news from Tejon Ranch

I received an e-mail from Scot Pipkin in relation to the news that Tejon Ranch is sponsoring a photography contest and is actively soliciting feed back from PCT hikers as well.   The main prize is being able to walk the new corridor where the PCT will be relocated. Cool!

More info below

In particular, you may be aware that our conservancy just received a 10,000 acre viewshed easement to protect the views from the reroute of the PCT on Tejon Ranch. In addition to being good for the trail, we are excited that our organization now has more than 100,000 acres protected in the ecologically-critical Tehachapi Mountains.

            In celebration of this achievement, we are hosting a photo contest for a chance to tour the trail re-route area on Tejon. Participants can submit up to 3 photos taken between the Angeles Crest and Mt. Whitney. The contest ends at the end of the week (5/31) and complete details can be found on our blog http://tejonconservancy.blogspot.com/2014/05/pacific-crest-trail-photography.html. We would really appreciate it if you considered entering the contest, or letting people know via your social media. Of course, we would be happy to return the favor in some way.

             Finally, I think there is a great opportunity for the Conservancy to start thinking about how people are going to be using the site when the trail comes through. Long-distance hikers are certainly an important user group in that mix. For instance, part of our long-term plan is to have a small visitor center near the trail in the Antelope Valley. Are there any amenities that would be of particular interest to hikers (water fill-up station, clean bathroom, air conditioning/wind protection, sundries such as sunscreen/bandanas/iodine/croakies, etc.)?

             The Conservancy as an organization is also particularly interested in citizen science. The Blue Ridge where the trail is being built has heretofore been inaccessible due to thick Brewer’s oak and white thorn ceanothus. Having hikers in that area represents an opportunity to observe the site more closely. Would thru-hikers have any interest in helping us record important sightings such as condors, invasive weeds, trail hazards, presence of trash, or tree damage at campsites? I was thinking we could make an observation card that one could fill out and drop off at either end of the trail on the property. This type of feedback could really help us with our management planning.

               In the end, I care deeply about this property and hope to foster a culture of observation and excitement around the way people experience it on the PCT. Thank you for your time.

 Kind regards,

         Scot  spipkin@tejonconservancy.org



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