The Last Ski Tour?

A lovely ski tour. Possibly the last of the season?

There comes a time when the snow is still high, but is melting rapidly.

Powder in the morning. Slushy by the afternoon.

The sun is warming. Lighter layers are worn.

It is the last ski tour of the season.

It is different every year. But you just know when it is winding down.  And last weekend, we had what could very well be the last Nordic tour of the season.

D-low, Mark and myself went to on a nice out and back up the Sourdough Trail near Beaver Res. On the trail at a fairly early time.

The views were nice. The weather superb. The conditions good.

Safe to say, we all enjoyed the day quite a bit.

By noon,  we arrived back at the car. The dirt road was muddy. The snow along the roads was turning to a puddle.

I may get in some spring tele skiing, but I think Nordic touring may be over for the year.  I am hiking in a new state park this coming weekend. I plan on backpacking the next.

It was a great winter. But now I am ready to hike again.


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