The Colorado Trail: An overview

On February 16th, 2016, I presented an overview of The Colorado Trail that covered logistics, resupply, gear, section hiking  and other topics of interest to travelers on The Colorado Trail.

For those interested, the presentation may be viewed here.

The presentation is loaded up in Google Presentation. The Power Point-like presentation may be viewed online. No special software needed to view.

You do miss my colorful anecdotes (!) , but I feel this presentation does give a good feel for some of the concerns of anyone thinking of traveling on The Colorado Trail.




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  1. Thanks Paul for coming out last night to make this presentation. I’m new to backpacking but hope to take my first weekender this summer. I was thinking about renting a pack for my first time out – any recommendations for gear rentals in Boulder? Anyway, I learned a lot both from the presentation and the Q&A- great info. Thanks again, and I hope you get out of that beige cubicle a bunch this year 😉

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