The Abajos in September

Located just south of us are the Abajo Mountains. A favorite place for spring and fall, and occasionally winter, they make for less dramatic mountains than the La Sals but offer more outdoor recreation opportunities.

And water!

We enjoyed fall weather and a favorite sunset view that takes in much of the landscape we call home.

From the summit of this mountain, we can see Bears Ears, Navajo Mountain, Ute Mountain, the San Juans, Canyonlands, Beef Basin, the La Sals, “Behind the Rocks,” Comb Ridge, and even all the way to Ship Rock, among other places.

It is a special place and one of our favorites.

Along the way, we saw a bit of fall color, dendroglyphs showing the local ranching history, and a much older Pueblo site.

A relaxing and low-key weekend.

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9 months ago

great photos.